It’s Time to do the Work

And I’m Ready

Hi my name is Jazze’ & I am a black woman. I feel like it’s important to state this right out the gate because I want this to be a space for black women. Don’t get me wrong, this is an open space for any and all who can benefit from it, but my intention behind it is to create a community for black women. I do this because I owe a debt to black women that I would like to repay. Let me explain.

I am a dark skinned black woman in America. I grew up hating myself. I hated my skin, I hated my hair, I hated everything about being black. I didn’t feel pretty enough to live in a materialistic society where beauty can open doors brains cannot. I lived in that shame for decades. It wasn’t until I began to look into spirituality, specifically African American spirituality that I began to heal from my trauma and shake off my shame. And I was able to do that because if black women. Women like Juju from A Little Juju Podcast (link below) and Akalatunde (link below) who created spaces for black people to come and learn tools for healing and wisdom. They afforded me connection to a piece of me I thought had died. Through my spiritual practice I have found the strength to heal my traumas and throw off the shame. In doing that I’ve embraced being a black woman with an open heart and open arms. And now I want to do that for other black women. It’s my goal to cultivate a space where black women can come and find holistic healing; mind, body, and spirit. I want to provide resources for us, given by people who look like us. I want to create a community of women with the common goal of bringing balance and healing into their lives. So let’s get into it!!

A Little About Me

I’ve been studying from books and websites for about 4 years but I’ve only actively began doing my own spiritual work until this year. I am 31 years old, married with two kids from outside my marriage. I was born into a Christian household but I am not a practicing Christian although I have nothing against Jesus and still read my Bible to tap in. I do not practice any ATR right now although I am currently looking into them. The tradition I connect with the most is HooDoo because it is an African American tradition and as an African American woman I sense my roots deepest there. I also fully believe that every path is different but they all lead to Spirit. What works for me may not work for you but you and that’s perfectly fine. I actively venerate my ancestors and for right now they are all I work with. I’m working now on learning my history and building my relationship with my people.

This journey can feel so lonely because you lose people who don’t understand. I’m dying for community and I haven’t found a space I feel comfortable in; so I’m creating my own. There’s just so many thoughts you wanna walk about as you study and only so much my husband is willing to listen to me talk.

So here we are. That’s a post. Something has been birthed. I don’t know where I’ll end up from here, but I’m excited.


A Little Juju Podcast –

Akalatunde Website –